What You Need to Know

-On July 6th, 2015the website for accessing Home Base's PowerSchool and/or NCEES (North Carolina Educator Effectiveness System) changed to a single-sign on service via my.ncedcloud.org. 

-All Teachers, Staff, and Administrators must "Claim their Account" within NCEdCloud/IAM in order to access PowerSchool/PowerTeacher and NCEES. 

-Note: Students do not have to claim a account.  Please go to the Students tab to understand the steps students take to access their NCEdCloud/IAM account credentials.

-This change will not affect Parent Portal accounts.

Why Did This Occur?

Pearson no longer manages the account login process. The NCEdCloud IAM account is a single-sign on service that is mandated by NCDPI and now managed by MCNC

There are benefits to this new system including:
1) All 6th-12th Grade teachers will have access to their students' usernames and passwords to aid in access to PowerSchool. 
2) You will be able to reset your own password! Watch this video to learn more

What Do CHCCS Employees Need to Do?

1) Locate your Staff UID/State Employee Number (if you don't know this number, please contact your School Data Manager).

2) Watch the "How to Claim Your Account (Employees)" video to the top-right and "Claim your account" via my.ncedcloud.org.  
Note: Use your UID and the LEA number 681 to create your account. 

3) From this point forward, when you need to use PowerSchool or NCEES, log in via: 
my.ncedcloud.org (see the How to Log Into Home Base AFTER Claiming Your Account -Employees video to the right).

4. Choose the Home Base application you need (PowerSchool, PowerTeacher or NCEES)

What Do Students Need to Do (Students)?
1. Your school will provide you with your PowerSchool Student Number and default password. 
2. Click on the Student tab above to learn how to access your account for the first time. 

What Do Parents Need to Do?
1.  Follow the directions on our Parent Home Base site. 

How to Claim Your Account (CHCCS Employees)

Note: Our LEA number is 

Do you have a question?  Feel free to submit it here

How to Log Into Home Base AFTER Claiming Your Account