Digital Learning & Library Media

Welcome to the Digital Learning and Libraries space! Here you will find information and resources to support 21st Century skills and the NC Information and Technology Essential Standards.

The Instructional Technology & Media programs are committed to ensuring that students are prepared to navigate our technology-rich 21st century world. Playing an increasingly significant role in the learning process, technology can no longer be thought of as an add-on content area but as an integral component of all content areas throughout the curriculum.

The foundational beliefs supporting the Instructional Technology & Media program include:
  • Instruction should be engaging and relevant for all students
  • Students must have global access to information and materials
  • Learning is a collaborative process
  • Educational opportunities are not confined by the schoolhouse walls
  • Access to technology must be equitable for all students
  • Teachers should model the meaningful use of technology
The Instructional Technology and Media programs in CHCCS follow the IMPACT guidelines as outlined by the NC Department of Public Instruction.

Department Contact:
Debby Atwater
Director of Digital Learning & Library Services
919-967-8211 x 28252