Welcome to Studio Art at Scroggs!.  My goal for the art program this year is to introduce students to the idea that they are artists working in a community studio.  We will learn to use all the media and tools safely and responsibly, and take care of our studio together.  I will be teaching for artistic behaviors, including:

  • Problem finding--identifying questions, research, visualizing possibilities, divergent thinking
  • Problem solving--inventing strategies, revising
  • Constructing knowledge--applying concepts to work
  • Experimenting--playing, exploring media, improvising
  • Working habits--planning and sketching, perseverance, goals, collaboration, organization, risk taking
  • Representing--Observing, composing, expressing, developing style
  • Reflecting--Perceive, question, critique self and others, find meaning
  • Connecting--connecting work with other disciplines, develop empathy, make associations
  • Valuing--embrace freedom, celebrate diverse cultures, appreciate ambiguity, make choices
Do these processes sound familiar?  They may, as they link quite seamlessly with the scientific method, and STEAM concepts for 21st century learning! 

To view more resources on how to scaffold creativity in children, click on my Philosophy and Approach link on your left.