Solution Explanation

 Apply GPS Bracelet/ Anklets

 Applying GPS anklets and/or bracelets to students who are at risk of dropping out is another solution for high school dropouts. These bracelets would be applied to truants and students who are at risk of dropping out. Truants are students who are caught skipping school more than once without the parents knowing about their absence. Applying these bracelets would decrease the amount of truants per year and ensure that students are in school at all times. The GPS bracelet solution is a reasonable solution because it would help solve the problem of high school dropouts and it would prevent gang violence and juvenile delinquency.

Programs for at risk student

Programs for at-risk students are another solution for the high school dropout problem. This is a good solution because it helps students to get prepared for college and help improve their grades. It’s also a good solution because it prevents students from dropping out or at least attempting to dropout.

            One program that does this already is the Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) program. “AVID is a program designed to help underachieving middle and high school students prepare for and succeed in colleges and universities.” This program helps students to stay active in school and committed to their education. More programs like this would be helpful because it would help students improve in grades and prevent the causes of high school dropouts.



 Road To Success

     The Road To Success program is a national program that comes to schools with a low graduation rate and a high dropout rate over a 3-year span. These programs would also come if the principal call and ask for workers to come and assist. The students will get in the program if the academic counselor enrolls them in or if the attendance officer put them there. Students can also enroll themselves in the program but parents signature is require for those students.  This programs mission is to provide struggling students with their academics by providing those students with tutors. This program is during school hours and come to the school on Tuesdays and Fridays and the students and that tutor get together and practice skills and help the student in the parts their struggling in. The tutoring session only takes up one class period and they make sure the teacher excuse the student for that day. There’s a tutor for subjects such as Math, English, Physics, and History.