Observation Forms for Internship

These forms are intended for the culminating internship of the teacher candidate in the final semester of the program during the full-time student teaching internship.  They are intended for use by the university supervisor and  the mentor teacher for formal observations of the teacher candidate intern, as well as for self-reflection by the teacher candidate.  

Forms linked to this page include:
  • Teaching Pedagogy and Professional Disposition evaluation form. This should be used at every observation for all disciplines.
  • Discipline-specific observation form, as appropriate to each teacher candidate.   The observation form appropriate for the candidate's discipline should be used at every observation.
  • Evaluation form the candidate may wish to use for feedback from secondary students, if appropriate.

The observation forms are completed via Tk20, an online outcomes assessment and reporting system for teacher education.  They are provided here for viewing purposes only.  All mentor teachers and university supervisors will be provided with a Tk20 account.  At the start of the internship, training is provided to all
mentor teachers and university supervisors in the use of Tk20. 

If there are questions regarding Tk20 during the internship, please contact Kristin Kubik, at kristin.kubik@umgc.edu.  Please also visit the Education Department's Tk20 Web page for additional Tk20 information.