About the MAT Program

The Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) degree program is designed for students who wish to earn secondary teacher certification. Successful completion of the program entitles a candidate to be recommended for Maryland Teaching Certification in specific subject areas, including: Earth/Space Science, Physics, English, Mathematics, History, Social Studies, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science and foreign languages**: Chinese (Mandarin), French, German, and Spanish. 

The focus of the program  is on producing teacher candidates who can demonstrate research-based and practice validated strategies for teaching and learning, teach subject matter to a diverse student body, analyze their practice for effectiveness in promoting student learning and integrate technology to promote personal and student growth. The UMUC Department of Education Conceptual Framework guides and supports the mission of the program.

MAT/MEd Dual Degree Option

Students interested in continuing to further advance their knowledge and skills after earning the MAT should consider the MAT/MEd dual degree option. This allows candidates who complete the MAT to then continue on to earn their Master of Education in Instructional Technology, considered an advanced education degree for purposes of teacher classification/promotion.  Rather than being required to complete the whole 33 credits of the MEd program, students who choose the dual MAT/MEd option complete only an additional six classes (18 credits) after the MAT to earn the MEd - saving a significant amount of time and money. 

Please note that while Maryland state certification to teach world languages is valid for grades pre-K through 12, the MAT program focuses on teaching at the secondary school level.