The personal project is a significant body of work produced over an extended period. It is a product of your own initiative and should reflect your experience of the MYP. The personal project holds a very important place in the programme. It provides an excellent opportunity for you to produce a truly creative piece of work of your choice and to demonstrate the skills you have learned in approaches to learning.

It provides an opportunity for you to select a topic or theme about which you are enthusiastic, and to show commitment to the completion of your own project. It is designed to assess your ability to organise and create.

Have you ever wanted to build a guitar? Do you have a secret passion to write a play? Now is your chance! The personal project is your project to do what you want to do, to show the skills you have developed over the years in your subjects and through approaches to learning, and to apply them to an area or topic on which you decide.

The personal project holds a place of special importance in the MYP, and thus it should be closely linked to the areas of interaction. Remember, you will be working on this project for an extended period of time, and your grade for the personal project is as important as any subject grade, so it needs to be something you really want to do.

I'm just starting, what can I do now? 

1. Don’t panic. You are not in this alone, and you have a HUGE safety net! We want you to succeed, and we are here for you!

2. Become familiar with the project through the website. Look at the exemplars, checklists, rubrics, and support materials. Let us know what we should add to the website to help you more.

3. Get a start on Phase 1: Investigating. We will be meeting shortly to get you started.