Google Apps For Education (GAFE) were adopted districtwide in Chatham County Schools for use with all students, teachers, and employees.  Google Apps provides us with essential tools that assist in making the district more collaborative by providing a common platform for productivity software and communications.

This website will walk you through the many tools provided by Google, provide resources showing how to use them, centralize access to Chrome Apps & Extensions, and talk about the role of privacy in the digital age for students, and staff.

Available Google Tools:
Gmail Logo
Google Mail (gmail)
 Google Mail (gmail) powers all district e-mail for both employees and students. 

Google Docs Logo

 Google Docs
 Google Docs is an online word processor like Word with powerful collaboration and sharing tools.

Google Chrome Logo
 Google Chrome & Chromebooks
 The Google Chrome browser powers online interaction with fast page loads, security features, and a variety of extensions and apps that add new functionality to classroom learning.

Google Chromebooks are laptops powered by the Google Chrome browser.

 Google Drive
 Unlimited online file storage that allows easy file sharing between teachers, students, and employees.

Google Sheets Logo

 Google Sheets
 Google Sheets is an online spreadsheet applications like Excel with powerful collaboration and sharing tools.

Google Forms Logo
Google Forms
Google Forms is an online survey tool that, with the help of add-ons, can also be used to create self-grading assessments, or even powerful data collection systems.

 Google Classroom Logo
 Google Classroom
Google Classroom provides teachers and students a convenient place to organize class work, projects, and complete assignments.

Google Slides Logo
 Google Slides
Google Slides is an online presentation software tool like PowerPoint with powerful collaboration and sharing tools. 

YouTube Logo
YouTube for Education is provided to all employees and students.  This is a filtered version of YouTube and Google has committed to provided even more customization of district controls to help teachers and students make YouTube an even more powerful tool for learning in the classroom.