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Radar Systems

Class Room: 7th Semester July 2015- Dec 2015 (Electronics & Communication)

Topics covered in Lecture

 Lecture No.Lecture date Topics covered 
 1 01/07/2015Introduction to subject, principle of radar, range equation of radar,examples 
 202/07/2015 Applications of radar, frequency range of radar,received noise in radar 
 3 08/07/2015 System Loss, Receiver Noise and its analysis, Average power
 409/07/2015  CW Radar, MTI Radar, Blind Speed
 5 15/07/2015 Delay Line canceller, Staggered PRF
 6 16/07/2015 MTI block digram with oscillator amplifier, Mutiple delay line canceller
 7 22/07/2015--
 8  23/07/2015 Range gated doppler radar, Digital signal processing, MTI radar from moving platform
 9  29/07/2015 FMCW Radar, FM altimeter
 10  30/07/2015 Hyperbolic Navigation Principle,LORAN-A