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Engineering Electromagnetic

Topics covered in lecture

 Lecture No. Lecture Date Topics covered
 102/07/2015  Circuit Theory and Electromagnetic Theory
 203/07/2015 Ch-2 Electrostatics: Coulomb,s Law, Electric field intensity, examples
 309/07/2015 Examples, Continuous Charge Distribution
 410/07/2015 Field of a Line Charge
 516/07/2015 Field of Sheet Charge, Streamlines
 6 17/07/2015 Electric flux density and Examples
 7    23/07/2015 Gauss's Law and its applications, Examples
 8    24/07/2015 Asymmetrical Distribution and Gauss'Law
 9    30/07/2015Point form of Gauss's Law, Physical Meaning of Divergence,Divergence theorem
 10    31/07/2015 Work Introduction, Work done on line Integral, Examples
 11 27/08/2015 Work done on circular path, Potential and Potential Difference, Electric Field on Point Charge,Conservative Energy
 12 10/09/2015Vector Potential in Dipole,Energy Density in Electrostatics Field,
 13 11/09/2015 Biot Savart's Law, Ampere's Circuital Law,H on Line integral
 14 16/09/2015 Ampere's Circuital Law on Coaxial Cable, Ampere's Circuital law on close path
 15 17/09/2015 Stoke's Theorem, Examples
 16 18/09/2015 Ampere's Circuit law on sheet, Magnetic Flux Density,Scalar Potential, Vector Potential
 17 24/09/2015 Faraday Law, Displacement current density 
 18 25/09/2015 Maxwell equations: Integral form and point form