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Digital Signal Processing

Class Room: 6th Semester Dec 2014- March 2015 (Electronics & Communication)

Topics Covered In Lecture

 Lecture No. Date Topic Covered
 116/12/2014Syllabus Discussion,Introduction to Digital Signal Processing
 219/12/2014Applications of DSP, Advantages of DSP, Detail applications in speech
323/12/2014Convolution sum, Impulse response
426/12/2014Fundamentals of Z transform
 530/12/2014 R.O.C. of Z transform
 602/01/2015Linearity Property of Z transform and examples 
 707/01/2015Scaling and Shifting Property of Z transform and examples
 8 09/01/2015Time reversal property and its example
 9 13/01/2015Differentiation property and its example
 10 16/01/2015Convolution property and its example
 11 03/02/2015 DSP Paper Solution
 12 04/03/2015 DSP Structure: IIR-Direct form-I, IIR-Direct form-II, FIR-Direct form-I
 1310/03/2015  DSP Structure: Signal Flowgraph, Transposed Structure, Cascade Structure
 1417/03/2015  FIR and IIR: Cascade and Parallel Structure, FIR: Lattice Structure
 1518/03/2015  IIR -Lattice Structure and Lattice Ladder structure
 16 23/03/2015 IIR filter Design-Analog Butterworth filter 
 17 24/03/2015 IIR filter Design-Analog Chebyshev-1 and 2 filter 
 18 25/03/2015 IIR filter Design-Digital filter using impulse invariance method 
 19 27/03/2015 IIR filter Design-Digital filter using Bilinear Transformation method
 20 03/04/2015 FIR filter Design using window technique and its example

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