Dec2014-March2015 classroom

Class Room: 6th Semester Dec 2014- March 2015 (Electronics & Communication)

Topics covered in Lecture

 Sr.No.Date Chapter Topics covered in class 
 115/12/2014Fundamentals of antenna Maxwell Equations,Introduction
 217/12/2014 Ch-14 Different Types of Polarization
 322/12/2014 Ch-14 
Ground Wave propagation,Sky wave Propagation
Space Wave propagation,Equation of line of sight,Different definitions 
 529/12/2014 Ch-2 Antenna Field Zone,Point Source, Power Patterns 
 631/12/2014  Ch-2Radiation Intensity, Directivity 
  7  05/12/2015  Ch-3Arrays of Point sources 
 806/01/2015 Ch-3End fire array and broad side array 
 9 08/01/2015 Ch-32 elements antenna array 3 cases 
 1012/01/2015  Ch-32 elements antenna array 2 cases 
11  19/01/2015 Ch-3N isotropic elements with broad side case, self study of end fire case, Tapering process.
 121/2/2015  1st Internal Solution  1st Internal Solution (Updated on 1st Feb 2015)
 13 2/2/2015 Ch-3 Binomial array elements  
 144/2/2015 Ch-3 Dolph chebyshev array-Theory
 15 11/2/21015 Ch-3Exmple-of Dolph chebyshev array, Pattern Multiplication  
16 24/2/2015 Ch-4 Short Dipole Introducation 
 1725/2/2015  Ch-4Derivation of Vector Potential (A) & Scalar Potential (V) 
 1826/2/2015 Ch-4 Derivation of E field & H field 
 199/03/2015  Ch-4Far field, Near field, D.C. region and radiation resistance for short dipole 
 2011/3/2015 CH-4 Half wave dipole-Theory and derivation of vector potential 
 2116/03/2015 Ch-4
Radiation Resistance of Half wave dipole, quarter wave dipole,
Ch-13- antenna Measurements 
 22 19/03/2015 Ch-12Microstrip Antenna 
 2323/03/2015 Ch-7 Arrays of Dipoles & Apertures