Funded Research Projects

            Project   Title

Funding Agency

Financial Status in Rs

Duration and Year of Initiation

Expected Date of Completion

1.  Object shape extraction and Boundary mapping

GUJCOST, Ghandhinagar

3.30     Lakh

April, 2015


2. Measurement of plasma density using DSP in millimeter wave interferometer for fusion plasma diagnostic

Board of Research in Nuclear Sciences, Govt of India

21.00 Lakh

May 2016

Sept   2018

3.  Development of Non contact-less liquid measurement device

Consultancy Project by Solution with Innovation, Naugatuck,USA

3.00   Lakhs

August 2016

July  2017

Other Research Projects: 


4.  Sparse representation and scene classification using machine learning 

5.  Robot Operating System (ROS) and object tracking 


5.  FPGA based turbo encoder implementation

6.  Active Contour based Image Segmentation