General Information for 6th Grade

Welcome Back - Quarter 2

Welcome back from fall break! I hope you enjoyed your break and are excited for Quarter 2. The 6th grade team certainly is!  As winter approaches, we thought it might be helpful to remind families of the school uniform requirements for colder weather. 

Sweaters- white or navy blue v-neck or cardigan. 
Turtlenecks- worn under uniform shirt - white or navy blue. 
Undershirts- worn under uniform shirt - white or navy blue.
Jackets- white or navy when worn inside the classrooms.
Sweatshirts- white, gray, or navy when worn inside the classrooms. 
Stocking and leggings- plain(no designs) white, black, or navy blue. 

If you have any questions about the Uniform Policy, feel free to  email your child's homeroom teacher. Thank you for providing us with the opportunity to educate your wonderful children! 

Upcoming Events
  • October 13th - Quarter 1 Report Cards
  • October 26th - Booster Club Meeting 2:15 at Elementary Office
  • October 27th - Middle School Dance

6th Grade Teacher Emails:

Mr. Wingett , History and Latin - (6A)

Ms. Papp, Language Arts - (6B)

Mr. O'Neill, Math - (6C)

Mr. Gonzales, Science - (6D)