Welcome to my Academic Profile site. 
I am Suzan Mahmuod Ali a Lecturer in theSpecial Education Department of  Education and Lanuage at Charmo University

I am teaching the following courses:
  1. Managment and suparvising (MSP1274)
  2. Growth psychology(GPY2216)
  3. Learning Disabilities(LDF2273) 
  4. Genaral psychology(GEP2210)
  5. Viewing    (VPR1170)

My Publications are:
  1. (x) Journal papers
  2. (x) Conference papers
  3. (x) Published books

My Research interests are:
  1. Genaral psychology
  2. Growth psychology
  3. Education psychology
  4. psychology Adolescence
  5. Learning Disabilities
  6. Managment and suparvising
  7. Viewing

post Adrees: suzan mahmood
charmo university  of Chamchamal - Slemany 

mobail : 0770 2242808