Welcome to my Academic Profile site. 
I am  Dr. Omed Qadir Hama Ameen, Doctor in field of Nanotechnology and Nanostructure, den of Charmo Center for Research and Training. I am dean of Charmo Center for Research Training and Consultancy, Charmo University. 
h-index   3, Impact points:  37.27

I am teaching the following courses:
  1. Nanotechnology (MSc student)
  2. Research skills (Medical Laboratory Science)
  3. Surface Chemistry (Chemistry Departement- Sulaimani University)
  4. Instrumentation  (Medical Laboratory Science)
  5. Research skills  (Pharmaceutical chemistry)
  6. Research skills (English Department)

My Publications are:
  1. Nanotribological properties of nanostructured poly (cysteine methacrylate) brushes
    O Al-Jaf, A Alswieleh, SP Armes, GJ Leggett
    Soft matter 13 (10), 2075-2084 
  2. Fabrication of microstructured binary polymer brush “corrals” with integral pH sensing for studies of proton transport in model membrane systems
    J Madsen, RE Ducker, O Al Jaf, ML Cartron, AM Alswieleh, CH Smith, ...
    Chemical science 9 (8), 2238-2251

My Research interests are:
  1. Nanotechnology,
  2.  Self-assembled monolayers, 
  3. Physical chemistry,
  4.  Polymerbrushes, 
  5. Photolithography, 
  6. Nanotribology,
  7.  Nanobiophysics,
  8.  Friction force microscopy, 
  9. Atomic force microscopy, Ellipsometry
  10. , Fabrication and designing a biological system at nanoscale,