Welcome to my Academic Profile site. 
I am Assistant lecturer in field of Psychology, Presently I am teaching undergraduate students at Charmo University

I am teaching the following courses:
  1. Health Psychology  (Bsc)
  2. Educational Psychology (Bsc)
  3. Growth Psychology (Bsc)

My Publications are:

The Psychology of Genocide Case Study:eyewitness accounts In Kurdistan

Paperback – 17 Apr 2017


1. Jabary, M. (2010). The felling of inferiority with the women survivors of Kurdish genocide (Bachelor’s project, University of Sulaimani).Retrievedfrom http://derunnasy.com/twejinewe_lekollinewe/babeti-jimare4344.html.

My Research interests are:
  1. Health Psychology
  2. The Psychology of Genocide
  3. Anxiety Disorder 

Mobile: (+964) - 750 1548375