My Profile

Name: Laila Ibrahim Faqe Saleh
Post: teaching staff 
Qualification: phd student 
Academic Title: Assistance lecturer 
Specialty: Ecology and Pollution  
College: Education and Language 
Department:General Science 
Mobile number: (+964) - 770 136 65 12 
Number of Publication with IF (ISI):

Short Biography

* I am an assistant Lecturer at the Department of General Sciences-College of education and language 
* I am a teaching staff in General Science Department
*I have got my Bsc degree  at the University of Sulaimani/ collage of science , biology department 
* In 2010 I have got my high diploma degree at the university of Sulaimani/ collage of Verterinery Medicin in the field of Molecular Microbiology.
* In 2013 I have got my Msc degree at the collage of science / biology department in field of ecology and pollution.
* From 1/2/2017 phd student at collage of science / Sulaimani university 

Research Interests

1-  Environmental science research
2- ecology and pollution 
3- Microbial ecology
4- environmental management 
5-  Remediation and bioremediation
5- Environmental treatment process including bioremediation and nanotechnology.