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Name:Kochar Idrees Mahmood 
Post: Teaching Staff/ Director of Health and Safety
Qualification: M.Sc., PhD student
Academic Title:  Lecturer
Specialty: Biology 
College:education & natural science 
Department: General Science  
Mobile number: (+964) - 7701587555
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Short Biography

My academic life has began since 2003, when I graduated in biology department at university of Sulaimani. Afterwards, I've been employed at Halabja technical institute. Beside of teaching, I was working as the reporter of the Nursing department. 
Later in 2007, I've been offered to study high diploma degree in zoology and I could successfully complete it in 2009. Having high diploma gave me the opportunity to get a teaching position and the reporter of community health department/technical college of Sulaimani. In the same time, I was also teaching at Halabja technical institute.
After that I got MSc degree in animal physiology at biology department- university of Sulaimani in 2013. 
Currently, I am teaching at Charmo university. Additionally, I'm the director of health and safety of the university. In addition to the high diploma and MSc thesis I've undertook four researches results in publishing one journal article as long as a conference paper.

Research Interests
  1. Antioxidant and Oxidative Stress
  2. Microbiology
  3. Biotechnology 
  4. Bioactive metabolites  
  5. Animal Physiology