Welcome to my Academic Profile site. 
I am Assist. Prof. Dr. Karzan R. Sidiq, a molecular microbiologist at Charmo University. I am  a teaching staff member at the college of Medicals & Applied sciences.
I  teach the following courses:
  1. Antimicrobial agents (MLS7523)
  2. Human Anatomy (MLS4609)
  3. Human Anatomy and Physisology ()
  4. Molecular Biology (MLS5561)

My Publications are:
  1. (9) Journal paper.

My Research interests are:
  1. Antibiotic and Antibiotic resistance.
  2. Molecular biology.
  3. Bacterial cell wall metabolism.
  4. Protein localization and Fluorescent Microscopy.
  5. Virology

My Google Scholar Page Link
My google classroom code: 8s4ne3