Welcome to my Academic Profile site. 
I am Dr. Hemin Jalal Abdoul a Lecturer in the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, College of Medical and Applied Sciences at Charmo University.

I am teaching the following courses:
  1. Analytical Chemistry (Theory + Practice), 2nd Stage of General Science Department at Charmo University.
  2. Inorganic Chemistry (Theory), 2nd Stage of General Science Department at Charmo University.
  3. Analytical Chemistry (Practice), 2nd Stage of Medical Laboratory Science Department,Charmo University.
  4. Industrial Chemistry (Theory), 4th Stage of General Science at Charmo University.
  5. Medical Chemistry (Theory + Practice), 1st Stage of Dentistry College, Sulaimani University.

My Research interests are:

1. Developing Green Form of Technology to eradicate potentially harmful, toxic or valuable components from different kinds of wastewater  in the environment employing Starbon that is derived from renewable local (biowaste/bioresource) polysaccharides materials. Major aim is to protect environment from nasty chemicals and prevent all forms of life from risk.

2. Using Green Technique for pesticide removal in contaminated water (drink or waste waters) or extraction of impurities in drug and solvents.

3. Application of environmentally friendly carbonaceous materials for odour removal from nasty polluted air or gas phase in the environment. Using this adsorber for the adsorption of PAH, dioxin and furans.

email: hayman.abdoul@charmouniversity.org

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