Welcome to my Academic Profile site. 
I am Chrakhan Rahim Rashid a Lecturer at the Department of General Sciences, College of  Education Languages at Charmo University

I am teaching the following courses:

1- Ecology and pollution   GNE5223 & GNE5231 (Pr.)  

3- Environmental Science ENV3620 & ENV3621

My Publications are:

1.(2) Conference papers

My Research interests are:
  1. Environmental pollution treatment technology
  2. Toxicology.
  3. Environmental Impact Assessment techniques (EIA)
  4. Solid waste management
  5. Environmental Awareness

Post Address:

Charmo University, Collage of Education and Language,  Department of, General Sciences, Chamchamal-Sulaimani


Mobile: (+964) -751 521 5171

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