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Our Classrrom

Contacting the Teacher

Please contact me with any questions or concerns.  Nothing is too trivial when it comes to your child.  You may call the school at 278-5511 or email me at  I have also given you my home phone number. Please use it! I just don't want to put it on a webpage.  I look forward to hearing from you.



We will be having snack-time in the afternoon.  Children should bring in his/her own nutritious snack each day.  Due to allergies, diabetes, etc. it is easier for children to bring in his/her own healthy snack.  This way we know your child will like what is being eaten each day.  Some examples of what to pack are granola bars, cheese and crackers, raisins, pretzels, trail mix, cheese sticks, fruit, carrots (vegetables),  yogurt, 1/2 sandwich, etc.



Kindergarten students do not have a nap time.  Please do not send in rest mats or blankets.


Parent-Teacher Communication

Each child will have a special folder to bring to and from school each day.  We will put all of our work and any important notes and messages in it for you to see.  Please return the folder each day so that we can keep in close contact about your child.  Please make sure that any communication you wish to have (bus notes, lunch money, nurse’s note, etc.) is also placed into the folder.  I do not check backpacks, I only check folders.  Also, look for our newsletters to tell you about what is going on in class.  It will keep you updated on all of our many activities.



You will receive a classroom newsletter to keep you up-to-date on what is going on in the classroom.  The newsletter will include important information such as upcoming dates and special events.



Any money sent to school should be in an envelope labeled with your child’s name and the purpose of the money (milk, book club, school store, etc.).  Then, place it in your child’s communication folder.


Children will receive PE, music, art, and library each week.  A schedule of these times will be given to you the first week of school.


Kindergarten Bathroom

Over the summer, please work with your child, reviewing bathroom habits and emphasizing cleanliness.  It is expected that all children will be able to take care of their bathroom needs independently.  If your child has a medical problem, please let us know.

Some garments have proven difficult to fasten and unfasten.  Therefore, I ask that kindergarten-friendly clothing is worn to school.



Dress your child in sturdy clothes, which allow for much activity, sitting on the floor, exercises, etc.  Your child’s name should be somewhere on all sweaters, coats, boots, hats, mittens, jackets, shoes, etc.

Please dress your child appropriately for the weather.  Encourage your child to learn to dress him/herself, zipping his/her coat and putting on his/her own boots.  We try to spend as much time outside as possible, weather permitting.

It is also important to have an extra change of clothing in school for life’s  little accidents.  Send in a large ziplock bag, labeled with your child’s name, with a change of clothing for us to keep at school.


Report Cards and Conferences

The first report card will be in mid-November.  You will be able to sign up for a conference to meet with your child’s teacher during Open House. 

If the teacher or parent feels a need for a conference during the year, one may be requested.  If the child’s placement in first grade is questionable, parents will receive some notification and a conference will be requested.

Open House - September 13 (6-7PM)

Report Card Conferences (required) - November 16 and 17 (12-3PM)


Lost and Found

PLEASE label your child’s things with his/her first and last name.  Label sneakers, coats, lunch boxes, backpacks, snow pants, mittens, sweaters, etc.  Labeling is very important.  Children often forget what items belong to them. Lost items may be found in your child’s classroom.