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I am pleased to welcome you and your child to Kindergarten.  I am ready to work with you to make this Kindergarten year a great experience for you and your child.  As your child enters school you may have many questions regarding your child’s school and classroom.  This handbook was written in order to provide you with important information.



All visitors, even familiar faces, must sign in at the main office.  Although this may seem inconvenient, this rule helps protect your child.



School begins at 8:00 am.  If your child has to leave school before the school day ends, please send a note stating the reason why and the time that he/she will be picked up.

School is dismissed at 2:45 pm.  If you plan to pick up your child at the end of the day, please do so just before dismissal time.  Make sure you have signed your child out in the main office as well as the nurse’s office.



Your child will be escorted to his/her bus at the end of each day to ensure your child is on the correct bus and where he/she belongs.

If your child is to go anywhere other than his/her regular bus stop, please send a note to school telling where the child is to go.  If the note is forgotten at home, call the school and let us know.



School breakfast and lunch are FREE.  Menus will be sent home each month.  Please take time to fill out “Household Eligibility” forms. Thank you!


School Pictures

Individual pictures are taken during the year.  Notices are sent to inform you of the details and the exact date.


Absences and Illnesses

Illness can spread quickly and easily in the classroom.  If your child has a fever, severe cough, headache, sore throat, or other symptoms of illness, it is probably advisable to keep him/her home.

When your child returns to school after an absence, he/she should bring a written excuse stating the date and reason for the absence.  This is required by the nurse’s office and affects state aid granted to the school.

Absences do affect the continuity of learning.  Too many absences mean school time is lost and can create problems.

If your child will be absent from school, please call 278-5511     before school begins and choose option 2 to leave a voicemail for the school nurse.

Injuries and the Nurse

We have materials in our room to cope with minor scrapes and bumps.  For more serious problems or when a child feels ill, we arrange to have the nurse check the child.

If your child becomes ill while in school and it is  decided to send him/her home, the school will try to contact you to see if you can come to pick up your child.

Please make sure the school has a number to call in case of an emergency, when you cannot be reached.


Special Services

Our two school psychologists work as a team to evaluate students’ needs in social and emotional activities.  They also provide counseling   services to those students who require them to achieve their full potential in school.

RIF Cart 

RIF cartis a cart that comes to the classroom selling snacks once per month.  Snacks are $0.25 each. Students are allowed to purchase 2 snacks each.  If you would like to place 12 quarters in a baggy with your child's name on it, I will keep it safe and your child will have RIF money for the entire year. You will not have to worry about remembering each month.


Character Education

Character education is extremely important! Each month, the students will be working on different character education topics. We will also be having special presenters/entertainers at CVCS to help promote good character.

Character Education 


September-Community/School Building






March-Positive Attitude/perseverance


May-Fairness/Conflict Resolution