Charlotte Valley Awards Professionals for Putting "Students First"

posted Dec 6, 2017, 4:43 AM by Kendra Shedina   [ updated Sep 7, 2018, 5:11 AM ]

By: Maximus Jones

The "Students First" Award is an award that is given to a teacher that shows his/her commitment to their students the most. It shows how much a teacher cares for their students and how much time and effort they will put into their students. The students first award is awarded to a teacher every month. There is a big award assembly where not just one teacher is awarded but many kids are awarded. 

The first recipient of the "Students First" Award was Ms. Mattice. Ms. Mattice has been teaching at CVCS for fourteen years. Ms. Mattice said she specifically remembers having a few really great teachers who “inspired” her to do what she loves today. According to Ms. Mattice, she was “extremely shocked” for winning this award, and was emotional because of all the nice words and support from her colleagues. 

Ms. Mattice says that she is very thankful for our supportive administration and how encouraging they are. She also says that she would not be here without her supportive colleagues, and she thanks them for their nomination. 

In conclusion the "Students First" Award program is a nice addition to Charlotte Valley. It lets teachers know that many people are appreciative of their hard work. This encourages many teachers to continue on with all of their challenges and helps them continue on with their daily lives. It gives them both a shocked and happy emotion when they receive this award. It is a great idea and encourages more teachers to work for this goal so they can know how much hard work they have done

Charlotte Valley Welcomes a New Mission Statement

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By: Sam Spina and Chris Platt
Over the summer school officials met to review the mission statement of previous years and decided it was time for a change. Our previous mission statement was "The Mission of Charlotte Valley Central School District is to create a learning environment that challenges and motivates each student to become a self-sufficient, cooperative, responsible and attributing members of a global society while encouraging each to achieve his or her highest potential." This was felt to be too long, busy, too much and not direct enough. So the officials worked together to create a new statement around the six core beliefs. Students first, trust, ownership, communication, collaboration, and growth mindset. These core beliefs are the reason we show up every morning. After a long discussion, the new mission statement was created and then came "Empowering students today to conquer the challenges of tomorrow". This new mission statement is meant to encourage students to strive for bigger things, to become well rounded individuals, and work hard for what they believe in; so as students, lets help to achieve what the new mission statement encourages!

"Pride in the Valley" is Felt All Around the School

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By: Madison Pedrick and Sam Spina

Starting this ‘17-18 school year, Charlotte Valley CS has created a program to honor our students and staff members. This program has come to be known as Pride in the Valley. The idea came from our elementary school teachers. The elementary school teachers wanted to do for a few years now to highlight the elementary school students.

This ceremony is every month and the awards are based around our five core beliefs. The five core beliefs are trust, ownership, communication, collaboration, and Growth mindset.

Mr. Molle, Charlotte Valley Principal, said "This ceremony is meant to encourage students to work harder and become better role models." Teachers are also given awards and are nominated by other staff members. We can't wait to see what is next to come with all of the programs that support us in our school!

Charlotte Valley Hosts the Annual Bonfire

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By: Madison Pedrick

Charlotte Valley had their annual bonfire/pep rally on September 5th, 2017. What is it? It's a school bonfire that everyone gathers to and they announce all the soccer players.  It's a great way to socialize with friends, families, and teachers. It's a fantastic end to spirit week and a great way to get everyone pumped for the school year.

The Girls' Varsity Team poses with Coach Ballard


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