Common Core Math Update

On Wednesday, October 12th, the math department hosted an informative meeting for parents with concerns about the Common Core State Standards.  The meeting was an opportunity for parents to view and discuss materials that will assist with the shift in the thought process when trying to help students with homework.  Having parents focus on using guided questions instead of the mathematical process was a key part of the discussion.  Those in attendance navigated through greatminds.org, a website that offers supplemental materials aligned directly to the Common Core Modules that the students are following.

It is the goal of the math department to have a support system that provides opportunities for students to succeed with the increase in mathematical rigor and literacy. 

Students and parents have access to many resources.  The math department has come up with a list of websites that we feel are helpful. 

www.greatminds.org  (supplements aligned to CCSS)

www.ixl.com  (interactive practice problems)

www.khanacademy.org  (practice videos)

www.learnzillion.com  (practice videos)


News in the Valley "Gist"

By: Marvin Jester News in the Valley Editor-in-Chief

Breaking News! Charlotte Valley now has a Newspaper! (Which I hope you, as the reader would have realized) Some of your fellow students have stepped up and accepted the challenge that results in what you are, and will be, reading! The fruits of their efforts will be articles about our "Student of the Month", "Athlete of the Month", sports, and various other school activities! This is our first issue so there may be some bumps in the road, so you can contact us with concerns or ideas at Jester.Marvin@charlottevalleycsd.org, Shedina.kendra@charlottevalleycsd.org, or just by finding and talking to us throughout the day. Thank you for your support! Please spread the word that our school now has its own easily accessible online newspaper!