5th Grade ELA

The first book we will be reading this is a novel called Dark Water Rising. It is the powerful story of the Great Galveston Hurricane of 1900.The kids will be reading it for the next several weeks. 

Another book we will be reading this year in 5th grade is Esperanza Rising.  It is a wonderful award winning novel.  I used it in class for the first time last year and the students loved it. Check it out!

Students will also be reading the novel Tuck Everlasting!  I guarantee they will love this book.

Towards the end of the year we will be reading the informational text biography of Jackie Robinson's and his effects on the United States Civil Rights Movement.  This book is written by his daughter Sharon Robinson and is titled, Promises to Keep.

Throughout the year we will also be reading from the Scholastic ELA Magazine, Scholastic Storyworks.  This magazine is full of informational texts, stories, poetry, high interest reading, grammar and debates.  

For current events and great informational text about our world today we will be reading the magazine Scholastic News.

If you would like to see the curriculum map showing the standards that will be covered in 5th grade, you can check out the following link to EngageNY.org