English 7

The seventh graders are learning to transition into independent learners to better prepare them for eighth grade and high school. During this year, we will be using the common core modules to become close readers and critical thinkers. An emphasis on informational texts will help students learn the necessary skills for other content classes, like science and history. Students will be expected to complete independent reading projects and essays throughout the course of the year.

English 7 has an emphasis on learning vocabulary and grammar skills. Lessons alternate with vocabulary and grammar instruction; Mondays are dedicated for grammar and Tuesdays are for vocab. The goal is to improve written response with these daily lessons.

Every Thursday, students will participate in a weekly journal prompt. The goal is for students to improve their writing through writing for five minutes without stopping.

All assignments are posted on Google Classroom. Written assignments are typed on Google Drive.

Main units of this year:

-Race to the South Pole (Common Core: Close reading module)
-The Giver
-Technology and the teenage brain (Common Core module 4a)
-Poetry Unit
-The Outsiders