It's a new year, which means new plans, new faces, and new lessons! 


Feel free to contact me via email anytime you have a question or concern. It is the best way to get a hold of me in my busy schedule and will get the quickest response. You may also call the school and they will forward you to my voicemail. I will call you back after school at the earliest convenience.  

If you would like to be aware of your student's homework on Google Classroom, I have parent codes for you! 


You know where to find me, when to find me, and how to find me. Not only am I in class with you, you can email me through gmail or drop questions on Google Classroom for everyone to help answer. Keep in mind that I'm an old lady that goes to bed a lot earlier than you and will probably not see your emails until I get up really early in the morning. Do your best to solve your problems before they arise! Work hard, play hard.