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     charliemiller has recently entered the music arena again after taking a 15 year sabbatical.  He started playing music early in life under the tutelage of his mother who provided  much inspiration and instruction in trumpet, piano, theory and classical music history.  He studied music throughout his childhood and began performing professionally in high school with various classical, jazz, rock, and swingband groups.  In college at UNC (Greeley, CO),  charliemiller completed a degree in music and set out for New York City.  

     While living in Greenwich Village in the early 1990's, charliemiller explored the jazz scene with his trumpet and struggled with how to make a career out of playing creative music.  After a brief period of soul-searching and working menial odd jobs, charliemiller decided to return to Denver.

     In 1995, charliemiller started a new career in the technology industry doing web development, system analysis, accounting/finance and project management.  He also completed his Master's degree in Computer Science from Regis University.  During the rush of the era, music took a back seat.

     Currently, charliemiller works for a Silicon Valley-based hardware and software firm and is busy with balancing his roles as corporate wage-earner, husband, father of four, athlete, and now (once again)..... musician.

     charliemiller now has the freedom to work on developing the vision of music that he initially set out to create.  He spends some of his time strumming the guitar, some of the time practicing his trumpet (not really), and most of his time on the piano developing chops, transcribing vocabulary, learning tunes and delving into chord theory.  He also enjoys creating original music.  This music is a mix of the various influences picked up over the years.... jazz, rock, classical, blues, folk, etc.  His current focus is working with Todd Helvig as well as trying to put together his own improvisational group that will showcase an eclectic approach to jazz in the 21'st century.

     The  2nd phase is just beginning......