Sample Reading Selections and Questions

Sample Reading Selections and Questions

Reading Selections

Students will read eight or nine selections for the English 1 examination. The majority of questions on the English 1 examination will be based on these reading selections. Only a few questions on the test will be stand-alone questions that are not passage-based.

Reading selections will have a range of difficulty that is appropriate for students in English 1. All reading selections were approved by a content review committee composed of South Carolina educators.

The following table shows the number and type of passages on the test:

Informational selections are nonfiction news and feature articles, essays, reports, contracts and instruction manuals. As the name indicates, these selections provide information on a topic.

Literary selections may include fiction, literary nonfiction, poetry, or drama. Two of these selections will be linked, or grouped together. Some of the questions associated with these linked selections will ask students to compare or contrast the two selections.

The speech is a public address to a specified audience. It is typically a real-life example of public oratory and may be considered as informational or nonfiction literary text.

• Writing selections are short informational selections that contain errors in Standard American English, grammar, punctuation, and other conventions.

On the following pages you will find sample reading selections. Please note that a small number of questions on each examination will not be attached to any reading selection. The student can answer these stand-alone questions by reading the question alone or, in some cases, by reading the question and a brief stimulus (one or two sentences).

Type of Reading Selection    Number of Selections

Informational                                            2-3

Literary (includes two linked selections)  3–4

Speech                                                        1

Writing                                                        2

Sample Test Questions

This section contains test items that are representative of the questions used on the English 1 end-of-course examination. These questions are only a sample of what students should expect to encounter on the actual examination. The items illustrate the format, type, and approximate level of difficulty of the examination questions. For each sample question, the relevant strand, standard, and indicator are identified, as well as the reading selection on which the item is based. The text describes what content the item is testing, what the student should know to be able to answer the item, and what errors students most commonly make.

It is important to remember that different forms of the examination will contain different items that assess the same standard.