March 2, 2015
It's been a few months since we have updated the website but we have been busy! First graders sent Flat Stanley dolls to different states across the country! Teachers and Mrs. Gamble have been hard at work to follow those little friends on their travels. Read about it here

December 15, 2014
Oh, it's good to be back! Last week, Mrs. Peterson and Mrs. Lundt's classes had to Skype without me due to a trip out of the district. I hear great things though and everything went smooth! So today, a group of girl joined me for some research on origami and the story of Sadaku. We also Googled how to make a candy cane and christmas tree origami! It was a great time! Check out pictures and facts on Mrs. Peterson's Class page! 

December 12, 2014
Facts about China from Mrs. Lundt's Class: 
  • The capital of China is Bejing.
  • It is the 3rd largest country in the world.
  • It has more people in it than any other country.
  • 1/5 of the world's people live in China.
  • China is made of many kinds of land.  It has deserts, plains, plateaus and mountains. 
  • China has Mt. Everest.
  • The Chinese flag is red with yellow stars.
  • The people of China are called Huns, Mongols, and Tibetans.
  • The Chinese currency is called Yuan or Kuai.
  • The Great Wall of China is the largest structure in the world.

December 10, 2014
What a day! The kids from Iowa and CT connected to share the interesting facts they learned about China and Japan! Did you know that China and Japan are completely different sizes? China is huge and Japan is very small! It was a wonderful time for sharing and learning.  

December 8, 2014

Happy Monday! A full morning of research with the first graders! Did you know that Japanese right from top-to-bottom verses right-to-left? I learned a lot about schools in Japan this morning! There was a lot of notetaking happening! Check out Mrs. Peterson's Class page for information! 

December 5, 2014

A big day for The Connected Classroom! We started the morning with a Skype and Kahoot with Mrs. Lundt's class. We learned a lot of interested facts about both classes. We have some students with a LOT of siblings and some students with really cool pets! After we hung up with the new friends, a group of Mrs. P's students joined me in another bout of research! Today we researched about chopsticks, earthquakes and VOLCANOES! The students figured out, on their own, how to find pictures and save them to my Mac! Check out Mrs. P's Class page to see what they did! 

December 4, 2014

Another great group researched interesting facts on Yen and houses in Japan today! There was a lot to read, write and discuss! Not only did they do all THAT work, but they were able to upload their information to the website! 

December 2, 2014

Today I worked with group one. This group researched a LOT! We looked at the four main islands of Japan, some pictures of Mt. Fuji, and the Japanese flag. There was a lot of information. Each students was responsible for writing down a specific fact and then putting it on this website. Check out their information under Mrs. Peterson's Class Page! 

November 24, 2014
Our First Skype! 

Yesterday Mrs. Peterson and Mrs. Lundt's classes were able to meet using Skype. Students were able to introduce themselves and share something they enjoyed. We also asked questions regarding their location since Mrs. Peterson's class is located in Iowa, Mrs. Lundt's class was really interested to know if we have a lot of tornados. In return, Mrs. Lundt's class is located in Conneticut and might receive a TON of snow over night. 

We look forward to future Skype sessions to share our findings for Christmas Around the World! 

The purpose of this Google Site is to house information, pictures, and reflections from our learning experiences over the month of December. 

Long Term Purpose: 
A home for our different experiences connecting with classrooms outside of our 'bubble'.