Big Picture and Summer Reading Requirements

The goal of summer study is to encourage you to make conscious connections between your summer experiences (work, play, travel, study) and the Chariho 10- the ten expectations in our graduation portfolio- the foundation of The Chariho Diploma. These connections are the foundation for building your academic and career goals.   Summer Study is a work in progress - as you grow and find yourself through high school and life experiences, you will construct a portfolio of skills, accomplishments and experiences that show evidence of college and career readiness. As you progress each year, you can add to and edit this digital profile.   The summer study expectations for each year of high school are aligned to support your Individual Learning Plan - your blueprint for ensuring that your academic and extracurricular experiences complement your personal and professional goals.  This Google Site Template is a resource you can copy and personalize to  store all your evidence of  experiences that define your college and career readiness.. Being technologically savvy and having the ability to design sites, communicate ideas and demonstrate growth digitally is yet another skill that employers prefer.  

Go to "How to Create Your Own Site" below to download this template and begin personalizing your Summer Study Site.

Have fun with this project; make the site your own; Show your Charger Pride and Showcase the very BEST of you. This page provides you with a bank of resources, examples and "how-to" guides to inspire you. Tap into your creative side...

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Required Summer Reading
      Required Summer Reading

Chariho 10
Expectation #1 Problem Solving: All students will acquire, analyze, and evaluate information and ideas to effectively solve problems.

Expectation #2 LiteracyAll students will articulate thoughts and ideas effectively using oral, written and nonverbal communication skills in a variety of forms and contexts.

Expectation #3 Technology: All students will use technology as a tool to research, organize, evaluate and communicate information and apply fundamental understanding of the ethical/ legal issues surrounding the access and use of information technologies.

Expectation #4 Culture and the Arts: All students will develop and exhibit an understanding of culture and the arts.

Expectation #5. Self-Directed Learner: All students will be self-directed learners effectively using ideas and information from various disciplines. 
Expectation #6 - Career DevelopmentAll students will develop an understanding of their own strengths and learning styles and apply this knowledge in planning for their education and career. 

Expectation # 7 - Global CitizenshipAll students will display global awareness through knowledge of other world regions, cultures, and global/international issues, and contribute to society as responsible and skilled citizens. 

Expectation #8 - Collaboration:  All students will work actively and cooperatively to achieve group goals. 

Expectation #9 - Personal Well-being:  All students will make appropriate choices affecting their physical, social, and mental well-being. 

Expectation #10 - Respect for OthersAll students will treat others with dignity and respect.