News and Notes

As you head out to the store for school supplies please grab the following for Algebra I:

  • Spiral bound graph paper notebooks, 100 pages (one per quarter).  Nearly every assignment will have a graphing problem or two.  There are also many diagrams and tables that will be much easier to draw if you are on graph paper.  I have currently (7/26/15) worked out every problem in the first two chapters and have found doing it on graph paper to be very useful.  Because of the spiraling in the curriculum, these notebooks going to be an extremely important resource for you.  You will be using them for in class activities and homework.  It will be convenient for you to have all of this work done sequentially, neatly, and in one place.
  • Pens - at least two colors
  • Pencils - I recommend mechanical pencils, but it doesn't matter what kind of pencils you have.  Just make sure you have plenty.  Note that Office Max has mechanical pencils on sale (6 for $0.25 with a $5 purchase; week of 7/26 to 8/1)
  • Ruler - clear plastic would be best.  As you are drawing lines on graphs it is much easier if you can see the points that are under the ruler.  A 6 inch ruler would be great, but I don't see them in the stores.  Note that Office Max has 12" transparent rulers on sale for $0.01 with a limit of 3 (week of 7/26 to 8/1).  A $5 minimum purchase is required.
  • Graphing Calculator (TI-84) - this is an expensive  ($99 - $129) purchase and is a tough call for Algebra I.  However, it is a tool that will be used extensively in Alg II and beyond.  It can also be used on ACT/SAT tests.  Last year on the PARCC exam, it was the only calculator that was available online during the test.  This was a source of frustration for many Algebra I students as they had no experience with the TI-84.  The state of Ohio has determined that we will not be taking PARCC exams this year; however, another vendor-supplied "end of course test" will be given in its place.  At this time we have no details about the new test, but it would not be surprising to have the TI-84 be a required or allowable resource.  Under these circumstances, the CHS Math Department is strongly advising each Algebra I student have a TI-84.  It will be used more in subsequent courses, but there are significant benefits to developing familiarity with this tool during Algebra I.
  • Book Cover - note that every student will be issued access to the e-book version of the textbook.  I have found the e-book to be very easy to use while doing homework.  There are many problems that have links to online tools that will obviously not be available in a hard-copy textbook.  However, the school has purchased enough textbooks that we will be able to provide them to students requesting them.  I don't think most students will want to carry the textbook.  If you decide that you do want a textbook to carry, then you will need to keep it covered.
  • Additionally, there are various classroom supplies we will need from time to time.  If everyone can purchase two of the following six items (scissors and glue sticks, Post-It notes and Dry-Erase markers, etc.) to donate to the class bin, it will eliminate the need for each of you to buy all of these items:
            • Scissors
            • Glue Stick
            • Larger marker to make posters (any color)
            • Post-It Notes (2x2)
            • Kleenex/Tissues
            • Dry-Erase Marker