Community Service Requirements

Every student attending a Douglas County School is required to fulfill a 20 hour community service requirement outside of their home and family environment in order to graduate. Any activity that meets the following guidelines is acceptable. All hours must be documented on a DCSD Community Service Documentation form, completely and legibly, to be processed. All hours documented will be noted on the student’s transcript. Community Service Documentation Form may be downloaded with this link or hard copies are available in the counseling office.

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  •  Any service lasting a minimum of 2 hours total. ( This can include service opportunities that take place over several different days for less than 2 hours at a time, it must add up to 2 hours to be accepted for processing)
  •  Any service commencing after the successful completion of eighth grade.
  •  Recommended completion by end of third quarter of senior year, except by prior approval of the principal.
  •  Any activity completed outside of regular school hours.
  •  All aspects of the service approved by parent or guardian.
  •  Service learning hours which receive no academic credit.

 Not Acceptable:

  •  More than 5 hours of service learning being performed for a school team, club, activity, or faculty member. (This does not include activities scheduled by school organizations or faculty members to assist an outside organization, such as NHS coordinating volunteers to help at the Food Bank of the Rockies.)
  • Any service paid for or for credit for disciplinary or adjudicated purposes.
  • Any activity for family, friends, an employer or private business. 
  • Non-approval or absence of approval by the parent or guardian.
  • Any activity completed during school hours except with prior approval of the principal.
  • Any activity that is rewarded by a badge, such as Boy and Girl Scouts.
  • Any activity that results in lettering at the school.
  • Any activity where the hours are counted for another purpose. 
*Any student who is lacking transportation and would like information about service opportunities at school or as any questions about graduation requirements should contact  their counseling department.*

The application deadline for Community Service Lettering is March 31, 2021.  
If you have a completed application, please deliver it to the counseling office or 
scan and email it to Lauri Echer at