Steve Restless' Psuedoblog

Because we haven't gotten around to a real blog yet. 

Tuesday, Dec 4th, 10:10 PM:

     Published the application for the RPG, taking another step towards the RPG being ready. We've got the GM characters laid out, and are working on backfilling more history on them.  The plot is looking very similar to the original plotline from the first run, nearly 10 years ago. Probably the biggest piece of work left to do is the bot we've been discussing. No, the bot won't be handling any of the probabilty factors, or taking over any of the storytelling or combat mechanics. But we will be using it to fufill some basic shopkeeper duties, banking duties, and inventory tracking. We might use a seperate bot, or we might use the same one, but I also intend to employ a bot to log sessions and automatically post them to the website.

    Its hard to believe that the RPG started approximately 10 years ago. To be more exact, it'll be 10 years ago, this coming fall. I was a sophmore in highschool, Jay, Jim and Joe were all freshmen, and we had all manner of time on our hands. And plenty of motivation to escape reality. We'd be sitting in school until 3 every afternoon, and We, or, atleast I, would spend the entire day thinking about it. I'd sit there through all my classes lost in my imagination anyway, why not think about the RPG? That was part of what made it so great, is that I could give it practically my entire attention span. It was also great that I was able to work in all of this stuff I had made up from my own mind, and things based on my own past into the game.  I had met most of the people I was playing the game with, fairly recently.  There were numerous adventures and things I had done before I'd met them that I was able to work into the game.  It was all so fresh and new.

    There were aspects of aventures from the summer camp I had gone to in there, plotlines based on people I'd known, and things we'd done. There was the Bringer of Chaos concept that was born in my head one evening, some time before that while watching TV. There was a fair amount of the adventures I'd had WBS, (Webchat Broadcast System) my first home on the web, and some friends who'd followed me to IRC from WBS. a year into the RPG, WBS shut down. (9/15/99). It was the premillenium era, and we were ripe for the dramatic tales of apocalypse and action. We worked in bits and pieces from other fantasy settings, anime, and our own fertile minds. Somehow, we didn't really even have to advertise the RPG, we were getting a fairly brisk amount of traffic just by existing. I suspect that espernet was more flush with RPGs then.

    We still get people coming into the room, who remember when it was young. Sometimes they're people we remember. Sometimes they're people who have us confused with one of the other longstanding espernet channels. sometimes they're a Long lost familiar face. And if any of you reading this are former #Chaos_GardenRPG members, feel free to stop by the channel, say hi, maybe consider joining the latest attempt at reviving the RPG. We're trying some new things, and we're attempting to remain faithful to the old spirit of the RPG. and we'd love to see you again. 

    - Restless ( Restless at Chaosgarden dot Net for commentary )



Wednesday Dec 5th, 4:28pm

      Thinking about possibly doing the sessions from another location, if I can find a comfy spot with free wireless, thats open late enough and has some good beverages.

- Restless

Wednesday Dec 5th, 5:44pm

    While sitting out on the road, waiting for it to be time to visit a client, I was listening to a radio play and thinking about the RPG. Decided that I'd do a Christmas Session as an incentive for people to get their applications in, and as a christmas present to the players. Was thinking about advertising the RPG too. Not entirely certain where to do that, though I was considering maybe seeing what the banner ads on either Something Positiveor Errant Storyboth of which are webcomics I read.  I don't know what it costs, but I wouldn't mind supporting either one in that fashion if its reasonable. I'm just not certain what sort of folks that'd bring in. I think we'd need to pay extra attention to applications that came in that way. Just in case.   I'm open to suggestions too, if anybody knows a place I might find some good fantasy roleplayers who can handle largely freeform roleplay without abusing their freedom. 

    I'm eager to get started. Its not every IRC RPG that sees its 10th year. Albiet, its not a continuous 10 years, but like lazarus, the RPG always rises from the dead. We just don't know when to say when. =D



Tuesday Dec 11th, 7:43 pm

    Posting while at newnet tonight. We've made a lot of progress on the RPG. We're up to 6 confirmed members, and I'm expecting atleast one more application. We're working on a Inventory/Shopping bot, and we've got an early version of our logging bot ready. We've been peaking around 11 or so users in the channel at a given time, putting us around 55-65 on the server in terms of channel population. It'd be a lot higher if Esper wasn't clogged up with Cybernations Channels. Wish they'd oust Cybernations like they did with RO Related channels, but I guess the CN folks haven't caused enough trouble yet. Oh well. one of these days I'll filter them out of the results and see what our ranking would have been like if it were the old days of esper, when it was a more pure RPG network.

    Speaking of the old days, we've got a fair number of returning members. None of the more obscure returners, more of the ones we've been mostly in touch with over the years. It'd be really kinda neat to see some of the people we've not seen in years, like Wyrvia, Rune, Recoil, hell, even Xer. Like I said, we've got the 6 members sofar, and we've got a few others who may apply or may not. We could be up to 10 players before long. Theres also a couple people I'd really like to lure in, but who probably can't make it. We'll see.