Hello Everyone, welcome to my Class Website! I am so excited to be your fourth grade teacher this year! I will update this website with information about our class and upcoming assignments weekly, so please be sure to check in regularly!

This Week at a Glance:

In Math:

We are well into our fractions unit now, and this week is all about equivalent fractions! We will be modeling equivalent fractions with a new "area model" first, and writing addition/ multiplication sentences to show equivalency. We will be moving away from the models soon and into the algorithms for equivalency.

Hopefully you heard about our new classroom competition called World of Fractions! We will be passing off fraction skills with little quizzes, and each time a fraction skill is mastered the kids get to move their "car" across the fraction map! If they have all skills mastered by the time we test this unit, they will be part of a fraction ice cream sundae party! I'm hoping this helps keep them motivated and excited through this long unit on fractions.

In Social Studies/ Science:

This week we're moving on to a new IB Unit, called Eye Heart Nature! In this unit, we will learn about the water cycle, clouds, weather, and weather predictions.

We are moving into weather predictions and forecasting this week, and will be starting a big project using these skills! We will use our vocabulary, mapping skills, and presentation skills as the kids will create their own weather forecast map and present as a weather man!

In Reading:

We are working on our whole-class novel, Hatchet, this week! We're carefully and enthusiastically following Brian's journey in the Canadian wilderness, and seeing the different types of weather, survival skills, and character traits that he develops through the novel.

Upcoming Dates to Remember:

  • January 17: Class Play at 11:15
  • January 18: Class Play at 11
  • January 18: Report cards go home
  • January 21: No school- Martin Luther King Jr Day

Specials Schedule:

Monday: Library

Tuesday: Tech (Think Lab), Scientist Suzie

Wednesday: Music, Art, Brain Gym

Thursday: Spanish

Friday: Gym

Other Reminders: