Design & Technology 
has 3 distinct focus areas:
    Graphic products
    Resistant Materials
    Systems & Controls


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Why do you want to study D&T ?

The biggest single reason for students choosing this option is that they think it is easy.  
Think again! It is time consuming and demanding!

Why should you study design and technology ?

"More and more people buy objects for intellectual and spiritual nourishment. People do not buy my coffee makers, kettles and lemon squeezers because they need to make coffee, to boil water, or to squeeze lemons, but for other reasons."
Alberto Alessi, Designer

 Good design = good business

Question: I want to be an Architect / Product Designer / Graphic Artist / Landscape Architect / Interior Designer / Inventor will this course be relevant.
Answer: Absolutely.

Question: Do I need to be good at drawing.
Answer: Not necessarily. It is quite possible for students to get grade A even if they can not draw well at all. There are lots of ways of communicating design ideas without the need for superb drawings. However to be able to draw well is very useful and we will do plenty of practice to help develop your sketching skills.
Technical drawing (done with compasses and rulers) is important and you can easily learn to do this well by taking care and learning the methods.

Question: Do I need any special materials such as technical drawing pens.
Answer: Yes. Basic equipment will be required. This should include some basic modeling equipment. Advice in detail will be given when the course starts.

Final grades are assessed through final exams & project work.

Final Exams     

Paper 1   


 Design & Drawing

Paper 2, 3 or 4  

            !!! only one of these
 Graphic Products (Paper 2)

Resistant Materials (Paper 3)

 Systems & Controls (Paper 4) 

Paper 5