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Essays and Fiction by Horace Chandler Davis

to accompany the release of his new book by Aqueduct Press 


June 2010:  Aqueduct Press, a small feminist publishing house in Seattle, releases its first male-authored book,  It Walks in Beauty:  Selected Prose of Chandler Davis, edited and introduced by Josh Lukin.  The volume contains four essays, five stories, two letters, a speech, and an interview by the great civil libertarian and peace activist and Red Scare survivor and mathematician Horace Chandler Davis as well as three explanatory essays by Josh Lukin offering more context than anyone could ever imagine having wanted.  This site is created by Josh Lukin with support from Ray Davis (no relation) to accommodate several essays and stories by Professor Davis that didn't fit in the book.  All of the site's shortcomings are Josh Lukin's fault.


So You're Going to Prison!                                                           

The Purge

What Might Sex Mean?  

Science for Good or Ill                                                                        

The Defendant Is Not Important


                                                                                    To Still the Drums

                                                                      The Journey and the Goal