Meeting minutes on the preparation of ChaLearn hackathons. 

February 2015 Thursday 19th 5 pm Paris time (11 am NY).

Participants: Isabelle Guyon, Sergio Escalera, Xavier Baró, Lukasz Romaszko

Isabelle introduced some meeting topics, some for the short term, some others for the long term.

Short term topics (decisions and planning) where:

  • The definition of a place to do the hackathon. Isabelle expressed that INNS Big Data conference and it’s location might not be the best option, also we are very late on their schedule for defining our activity. Other places like Stanford University are being considered by Isabelle.

  • The definition of a specific time to do the event. We agreed on August as a good time to do it.

  • A primary (plan A) and simple goal, to have everything working. The NYC as the development platform for participants. A simple coda lab web page to upload prediction results.

  • The definition of team tasks and interactions for the next weeks, with special interest on the team autonomy on the month of march when Isabelle will be out.

    • Sergio will check a possible database we could use for the hackathon

    • Lukasz is defining possible contest formats, following some examples. He already provided a link to a document where he is listing proposals and links to other competitions: https://docs.google.com/document/d/18TGOMWQ7k3ofyVvMABCH0wwOMZ093kJREjFWQNfG47I/edit

    • During the month of March Oscar will Familiarize with Theano, AutoML challenge starting kit, and submit results generated with Theano to AutoML challenge.

    • Bisakha will play the role of a participant to test the starting kit.
    • Xavier and Lukasz will collaborate to create a Codalab web page for the competition.

Long term topics where:

  • Integration of GPU resources on the Codalab infrastructure.

  • Addition of Work sheets functionality (Python Notebook style), instead of results or code submission.

  • Addition of coopetition functionalities to Codalab.

Isabelle also asked for availability to Oscar and Lukasz to continue with the project in Paris. Oscar will confirm on the next meeting on thursday. Lukasz will have some interruption but will be able to continue until August.

February 2015 Thursday 12th 5 pm Paris time (11 am NY).

Meeting participants: Isabelle Guyon, Sergio Escalera, Bisakha Ray, Oscar Amoros.

Isabelle introduced Bisakha to the rest of participants as the link with NYU's cluster management team.
Isabelle also announced a new incorporation, Lukasz Romaszco, that has experience on participating in hackathons and in Deep Learning.
Oscar proposed a way to configure the cluster, by creating a folder containing all needed code and data, and replicating it for each user account. Each participant team will have remote access to one of this user accounts, and will be able to edit and test the code. Bisakha commented that this would be very easy for the NYU cluster team, since it only requires them to set up user accounts, and copy folders. To set up the folder Oscar would use a different account on the cluster for creating, configuring and testing the folder.
Bisakha proposed to start the process for creating Oscar's account since this can be very slow, we all agreed to do so.
Oscar commented on starting collaborating with Lukasz before configuring the folder, to decide what this code will be.

Any thing else feel free to add, or to edit.