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SHG and Federation Promotion

Chirag is the name of our Community Based Microfinance program. Chaitanya is one of the pioneers of community based micro-finance institutions in Maharashtra, India. It facilitated the formation of Grameen Mahila Swayamsiddha Sangh, the first federation of self help groups (SHGs) in Maharashtra. Initially SHGs came together to form an informal association which was later registered as a charitable society. GMSS is located in the Khed block of Pune district.

As of January 2013, Chaitanya has facilitated the setting up of fifteen federations in seven districts of Maharashtra; eight federations in Pune district, one federation each in Ahmednagar, Nashik, Satara, Sangali and Nandurbar districts, and two federations in Dhule district. The federations in the Pune district are located in Khed, Maval, Ambegaon, Junnar, Daund, Manchar, Shikrapur and Belhe blocks. In addition, it has initiated the formation of SHG-Federation framework across nine blocks in six districts of Vidarbha (north eastern Maharashtra) region infamous for its agrarian distress. Also capacity building as resource organization is being provided to twenty-five CMRCs of MAVIM (Mahila Arthik Vikas Mandal).


To provide equitable and affordable financial services to women through the formation of federations in all districts of Maharashtra.


  • To organize women into strong and sustainable self help groups, clusters and federations as a forum for sharing, learning, planning and monitoring
  • To provide financial services such as savings, credit and insurance to the members
  • To promote federation linkage with institutions like the Small Industry Development Bank of India and Friends for Women World Banking to meet the financial needs of the members
  • To provide technical services to the federations like audit, MIS, financial management, facilitating ratings and linkages with banks

Major Activities

  • Map scope of Chirag Unit
  • Coordinate and plan meetings between Districts, NGOs, Blocks and Villages
  • Implement awareness programme
  • New group formation
  • Cluster and federation programme
  • Conduct exposure visits
  • Coordinate with the Government and link their groups with the federations
  • Disburse loans and collect repayments
  • Coordinate training programme for financial management, coordination and default management
  • Develop Monitoring Information System
  Outreach Data as December 2014





 Women s in SHG 116802
 Cluster 925
 External Loan Outstanding Rs. 1592372223
 From Banks Rs. 43977201
 Resolving Fund from  rotary Rs. 7437926
 Yes Bank Rs. 30600958
 ICICI Bank Rs. 77311137 
Savings with Federations 
 Rs. 57,222,655
 Loan Outstanding
 Rs. 239,576,106
 Service Charges CMRC   
 Rs. 4,532,481