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Manthan Courses - MFDM & NGO Management

MFDM: The crucial role of micro finance in the delivery of savings and credit for poor has been widely recognized. However, one of the prime issues hindering the optimal growth of this sector is the lack of skilled, efficient and motivated human resource that meets the growing needs of this fast emerging sector. Having experienced the impact of micro finance in the lives of rural communities, we decided to share our learning to build capacities of youth who are willing to pursue careers in micro finance. MFDM is a five month certificate course offered in association with Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai to develop a pool of fresh talent with specialized training in diverse management areas as well as empathy and values for efficient professional practice. In addition, the course intends to build capacities of youth to enable them to lead the process of development. This contextual and functional course focuses on experiential learning. Subjects covered include:
  1. Development Orientation and Challenges in Poverty Stricken Areas of India
  2. Fundamental Principles of Micro Finance
  3. Delivery Tools of Micro Finance
  4. Developing and Managing Peoples Organizations
  5. Concepts and Skills of Financial Literacy
  6. Strategic Business Planning
  7. Enterprise Development
  8. Design and Delivery of Training Programs for SHGs
  9. Basic Accounting and Record Keeping for SHGs
  10. Management Information System in Micro Finance
  11. Livelihood Promotion in Micro Finance
  12. Community Participatory Tools and Techniques for Micro Finance
NGO Management: To refurbish knowledge and skills in NGO sector in order to capacitate them with a critical perspective and tools in the art of organizational management and development and to build a cadre of development professionals in social work who can promote credibility in NGO sector. It is a six month certificate course for graduates and above who are keen on a career in the development sector again jointly certified by Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. All management modules and manuals relevant to the course have been developed in-house and is also used extensively in providing strategic organizational planning and trainings to external NGOs and CBOs. Subjects covered include:
  1. Strategic Organizational Planning
  2. Project Planning
  3. Monitoring and Evaluation
  4. Resource Mobilization
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