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To build and train women in the areas of gender sensitive laws, SHGs, financial literacy and government programmes as a Jankar.


  • Project is to evolve local support action for preventing and dealing with domestic violence leading to reduce incidence and increased voicing by women
  • To build a  larger network with complementary expertise in the field of violence against women and children
  • To learn how to asses risk in domestic violence situation
  • To increase awareness of the varied form of abuse and the implied consequence on the victims and on the society
  • Train Legal Jankars in gender sensitive laws, counseling skills to resolve family problems and spread awareness about women’s legal rights
  • Train SHG Jankars in record keeping, management and monitoring and to resolve problems in SHGs
  • Train Financial Literacy Jankars in cash flow based data collection, analysis and household financial management; goal setting and budgeting
  • Train Government Jankars about government programmes and effective implementation of these programmes

Major Activities

  • Train women in counseling and laws in favor of women
  • Train women in building rapport with government officers to obtain information and facilitate implementation of government programmes
  • Train women in the SHG-related issues of management, record keeping, and monitoring
  • Develop training modules and cases studies of successful interventions by Jankars
  • Conduct exposure visits and Jankar melawas
  • Conduct practical exercises and exams of Jankar

Outreach Data as on December 2014

    Particulars         Maharashtra
    No.Of Districts                         8
    Counselling Center                        11
    No.Of Certified Jankars                        385
    No.Of SHG Member                    Participated in Training                        238
    No.Of cases handled                        2345
    No of districts under ford         Foundation                           5
    No of districts under               Chirag                         8

    Particulars    Madhya Pradesh
    No.Of Districts         3
    Counselling Center        10
    No.Of Institutions         8
    No. Of Participants in Orcha        47
    No. Of Participants                                            Tikamgarh         53
    No. Of Participants                                            Chattarpur        49
    No. Of Participants                                             Badwani         15