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Mount Sinabung

Facts about Mount Sinabung

 Topic Item
 (notes)  Data
 Volcano  (name)  Mount Sinabung
 Type  (shield, Composite,Cinder Cone)
 Activity Level
 (Active, Dormant, Extinct)
 Height  ( In Meters)
 2,460 meters(8,071ft)
 Tectonic Plate
 (Where it is Sitting)
 Eurasian Plate
Boundary Plate
 (The one Subducting Nearby)
 Indian and Australian Plates
 Last Eruption
 (year)  September 7th, 2010
 City  (Closest One)
North Sumatra
 Country  (If an Island,give name + Country)
 Continent  (Name)  Asia
 Latitude  (degrees)  98.392 degrees East
 Longitude  (degrees)  3.17 degrees North
 Time Zone
 (GMT + or - hours)
 GMT + 7
 January Low
 (degrees Celsius)  22 degrees Celsius
 Land Forms
 (Rivers, Mountains, Lakes, etc.)
 Mountains, Valleys, Cliffs, Plateaus, Hills, and Canyons
 Attractions  (that a tourist might like to visit nearby)
 Mentowai Islands, Siak River, Lake Toba, and Meruta Waterfall
 Random Volcano Information
 (Interesting Facts About the Volcano)
 Sulfuric activities were last observed in 1912. Government had to evacuate 17,500 people because of Sinabung eruption in September 2010.

Sinabung Photo and Video Gallery

This is a map of Indonesia, the country in which Mount Sinabung is located. Mount Sinabung is in North Sumatra, Sumatra Island. Sumatra is the thick long island North of Java and is west of Singapore. It is also south west of Thailand. Sumatra island is closest to the Indian Ocean, but other islands like Irian Jaya and Maluku (on map) are closer to the Pacific ocean. Isnt that cool. FACT ABOUT SUMATRA: Sumatra isnt as populated as the island under it, called Java, but is more populated than the island east of it, Kalimantan. One of the maps below is a population map. Read if you are interested.
 This  simplified map  shows you were Mount Sinabung is.Sinabung is identified by a white triangle located near the top of the thick,long island, which is called Java. Notice that in the top right corner there is a little box. It shows where in the world we are looking at. Though this is not all of Indonesia, just a few islands.
Showing  where the population of Indonesia is this map. It may be hard to see, but the areas with beige color have 1 to 10 people living there. The places with pink color have 11 to 100 people in that location. The orange-pinkish color (also known as salmon) covering an area means that it is inhabited by 101to 1,000 people.The population in orange ares is 1,001 to 10,000. And in places where more than 10,000 people are living is marked by a dark red color. Also you may not see this, but cities marked by a yellow circle with a dot inside signals that the population in that city is more than 1 million!
Notice how ther arent many people living near Sinabung, which is near the  top of the thick  island above the USGS.

    Mount Sinabung emitting smoke and ash into the air. In this picture, the ash and smoke may seem like nothing, but it can be extremely, as it can rain down on the people on nearby villages. If someone tells you to evacuate when smoke and ash are in the air, then you must leave imminently, if you want to survive and not get killed by Mount Sinabung!

    Mount Sinabung is a volcano that does not have much lava come out of it. So, when lava started pouring out of the mountain on September 3rd, 2010, many people were frantic. In fact, that day, a total of 20,000 people were evacuated from nearby towns or villages. Mount Sinabung erupted for a total of 3 times that week. In this picture it was the third time that it had erupted, and the only time that week that it had spewed lava out of the top of the mountain.  


    Mount Sinabung was considered to be extinct, until it proved that it was not only alive, but active. This eruption, the second one straight in two days, caused more than 30,000 people to flee in terror from nearby villages. The people that had fled from their homes and villages are now crying out in agony as Mount Sinabung covers their possessions and belongings with a thick layer of smoke and ash.

    Mount Sinabung has lots of greenery, or wildlife surrounding it and vast glaciers upon the top of the mountain. It also has lots of plants, and who knows? Maybe it also has some animals living on or around it. This picture was taken right after the eruption in August, 2010. The volcano had spewed heavy ash and smoke into the air, but recovered nicely after the eruption. If you take a closer look at the picture you can even see small trails leading up to the top of the mountain. 

    Mount Sinabung was considered to be extinct, meaning that it was no longer to erupt, until September of 2010, when smoke and ash came out of the cracked tip of the Mountain. Scientists all over the world were puzzled by it, and they were devastated to be proven wrong. After the eruption, Scientists were sure that there would be more than just one. They predicted that it would not only erupt again, but multiple times. Luckily for them, it turned out they were right. The mountain erupted a total of 3 times that week!

    Mount Sinabung erupted on August 29, 2010, for the very first time in four centuries, causing thousands of scared villagers to flee in panic. it sent smoke and ash about fifteen hundred feet into the air,causing chaos among nearby towns and villages. Since the volcano had not erupted since the 1600s, scientists were sure about it's volcanic patters or formats. The mountain started rumbling somewhere around mid-night and lava started to overflow its crater, as you can see in this picture.  

    Mount Sinabung is a volcano that is very famous for its surprise eruption two years ago in the fall of 2010. As you can see, like the other picture, Mount Sinabung is surrounded by lots of greenery. This picture was taken as the volcano was erupting, sending down sheets of volcanic rain. Many people in nearby town or cities refused to evacuate, because they thought it was safe enough to stay, and that it looked like there was no harm in what they were choosing. Yet, eventually, Mount Sinabung started to pour out lava, and that is when people were wanting to evacuate. 


    This wonderful picture of Mount Sinabung was taken from another volcano, that was not named. It was taken before the eruption in 2010, and captured a spectacular view that takes your breath away. If you ever visit Indonesia or Sumatra, be sure to visit the amazing Mount Sinabung. 

    As you can see, this picture of Mount Sinabung was taken on December 1, 2010, at 9:31. Obliviously, it was taken after the eruption in August earlier that year. The famous mountain has obliviously recovered well and has not had any permanent damage done to the exterior. 

YouTube Video


    This video on Mount Sinabung does not go into intricate details, but it does give some information as to how the volcano erupted and how high the eruption went into the air. It was reported that only one person has died from breathing problems, but that it the only damage that the mountain has done so far. If you are curious, then watch the video for more info.

YouTube Video

 If you are intrested in watching one of Mount Sinabung's eruptions, then this video is for you. I t may be long but is worth watching. You will see a black cloud rising from the side of Mount Sinabung, gradually getting bigger. You might notice the peacful music in the background, I find this very ironic since the video is about a volcano erupting. Mabye you will too.
 Villagers stand outside, waiting to evacuate their homes. The Indonesian volcano was said to erupted soon, so the villagers were ordered to evacuate right away. Luckily, everyone evacuated when they were told to, and everyone ended up safe, although a couple of people died. 
 After a recent Mount Sinabung volcano eruption, the streets were covered in volcanic ash and dust. People were careful to still wear masks and protection from the air, in case the leftover volcanic ash was floating around in the air and would kill them if they breathed it in. Although some people would refuse to leave their homes because they were afraid of the ash, others continued one with their life as though nothing happened, and did everyday things like ride motorcycles without worry.
* Sinabung - Allie K & Andrea
 Thousands of villagers flee in panic after being told to evacuate from theirs homes on August 29th, 2010. They were allowed to rest at a temporary home in Tanah Karo. People were crowded on small mats and had to snuggle against each other for warmth, but they were all grateful  for the shelter no matter what. 
* Sinabung - Allie K & Andrea
 On September 3rd, 2010, this picture was taken of local residents watching the Indonesian volcano Mount Sinabung erupt. They were fascinated by the way it looked and they had never seen anything like it before. Although it doesn't look like it, apparently these people are far enough away from the volcano to look at it without getting injured or killed.
Go to this website: http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2010/08/31/mt-sinabung-erupts-again-more-evacuate.html to find out more about Mount Sinabung's eruption.
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