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MusaTab is an Android© application for recording Musa characterization data in the field. It was developed by Bioversity International for an EU funded project led by the Centre Africain de Recherche sur Bananes et Plantains (CARBAP).

It contains a list of descriptors from the Descriptors for Banana booklet (IPGRI-INIBAP/CIRAD 1996) which can be tailored depending on user preferences. It allows data to  be scored in the field directly on a mobile device and then later uploaded to a computer. It has been tested by the participants of three MusaNet regional workshops in Cameroon, Uganda and Malaysia and is continually being improved based on valuable user feedback.

The minimum requirements to run the application is a mobile device with a screen of 10 inches running an Android™ Operating System from at least version 3. The application needs 23 Mb free space to install. The application is available  here: or directly from here. If you download the apk file directly from the latest link (MGIS web site) your device will ask you to allow install of the package from an untrusted source. Temporarily allow the install otherwise the app won't install.

The application works with two types of JSON files, which are not included in the package and must be copied on a specific folder of the tablet. An example of the two required JSON files are availabe in this zipped file. The first file contains the list of accessions to be observed, the second file contains the list of descriptors to score. In addition to these two JSON files, the application requires photos to illustrate some descriptors modalities. These photos are available in this other zipped file (87 Mb).

The user's manual for MusaTab can be found here.

For any questions, please contact Max Ruas at