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MusaID is a taxonomy decision making application that helps users identify an unknown taxonomic unit (taxon) by comparison with a reference collection of known Musa taxa described by a set of qualitative descriptors. It is designed to assist researchers with identification, and it is also a useful working tool for taxonomists themselves. It was first developed by CIRAD in 1990, and recently was improved by a team from CIRAD and Bioversity International.

Taxa are identified through an interactive step-by-step process. A descriptor is selected by the user, or it is proposed by the system in order to optimize the identification sequence by minimizing the number of characters required. The progress of an identification session is evaluated by likelihood measurements, indicating the extent to which an unknown taxon is identical to taxa of the reference collection. 


MusaID relies on morpho-taxonomic data from several collections managed in the Musa Germplasm Infrormation System (MGIS)Descriptors used by MGIS and MusaID are published in "Descriptors for banana (Musa spp.)", which was jointly produced by CIRAD, INIBAP and IPGRI (now Bioversity International) in 1996. 

The MusaID application is available here: application does not need to be downloaded and is accessible from any web browser from any platform (Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, iOs). Any computer or tablet able to connect to internet can access and use it. The technology used allows it to work in online mode as well as in offline mode (i.e. without any internet connection). To be able to work in offline mode it is necessary to “visit” (to access) all the pages of the web application when online (i.e. connected to internet). 

For more information on MusaID or to help us improve the application via your feedback, please contact Max Ruas at