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MusaNet structure

MusaNet welcomes members from a wide range of Musa genetic resources interests. Membership is on an expertise basis and not on institutional or country representation basis. The strategic framework of MusaNet is provided by the Global Strategy for the Conservation and Use of Musa Genetic Resources.

The networking structure of MusaNet consists of a Coordinating Secretariat, an Expert Committee and five Thematic Groups in which experts discuss and propose solutions on critical thematic areas of Musa genetic resources.  Critical links with the 4 Regional Research Networks and other key initiatives such as ProMusa are ensured with representation in the Expert Committee. 

A Global Strategy for the Conservation of Banana and Plantain Genetic Resources was developed in 2005 with the involvement of national, regional and international partners with the aim to bring urgent and critical assistance to unique germplasm and ensure their sustainable long-term conservation for use. The Global Strategy sets priorities and engages partners and users and facilitates the sharing of knowledge between researchers and end-users. Stakeholders, including donors, partners, and beneficiaries, have provided extensive input into the development of the strategy. Donors such at The Global Crop Diversity Trust uses the strategy to guide the allocation of funds to priority activities identified in the strategy.

Following on from the first meeting of MusaNet in March 2011, the Global Strategy is being reviewed and updated to strengthen the component on utilization and ensure that key stakeholders benefit from the secured conservation and maximize the use of genetic resources in improvement and other research programmes.
MusaNet provides the mechanism to ensure the efficient coordination and implementation of the strategy and stimulate the involvement of partners.

Musanet Secretariat,
Jul 22, 2011, 1:31 AM