Semantics for Harmonization and Integration of Phenotypic and Agronomic Data
9-13 May 2016 - Montpellier, France

    1. Expand the discussions to progressively integrate beside breeders and geneticists, the agronomists, soil scientists,ecologists, entomologists, phytopathologists and geographers point of views regarding the way to track, store and manage relevant, information
    2. Assess across national and international projects the current approaches being utilized for harmonization, storage, and reuse data.
    3. Share lessons learned from collaborative projects or consortia
    4. Outline potential solutions/strategies to meet current challenges including
    • Agree on the best practices, languages and standards (ontology and semantic network) to properly link and store data and improve querying across datasets
    • Identify current gaps and develop mechanisms to fill them.
    • Identify capacity building needs in this area? (training of database managers / training of scientists who need to store
    • and analyze agronomic information)
    • Identify other projects, networks and areas of expertise that need to be involved
               5. Define a value proposition for a sustained collaboration on semantics and interoperability of phenotypic and agronomic data

Questions to be addressed

What are the solutions to make phenotyping data and analytical results comparable and exchangeable across observation scales, between projects and between species to support meta-analysis?
How data sets on genotype/trait/environment can correctly  be represented and stored ?
Are the current ontologies and metadata (processing metadata, discovery metadata) complete enough? Is annotation consistency good enough?
How to better support the community to find and use adequate solutions ?

Structure of the workshop

    • Lesson from users
    • Show cast and discuss existing solutions
    • Hands-on sessions - test solutions with real data and validate ontology content


        This project is supported by Agropolis Fondation under the reference ID 1600-008 through the « Investissements d’avenir » programme (Labex Agro:ANR-10-LABX-0001-01).


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