CacaoNet: A global network for Cacao genetic resources

The future of the world cocoa economy depends on the availability of a broad range of genetic diversity of cacao to breed for disease and pest resistance, for quality and for adaptation to local environments. (Image left: Cacao diversity by A. Mata/W. Phillips, CATIE; Image below: Cacao farmer by A. Eske, Bioversity/CIRAD)

CacaoNet aims to optimize the conservation and use of cacao genetic resources, as the foundation of a sustainable cocoa economy (from farmers through research to consumers), by coordinating and strengthening the conservation and related research efforts of a worldwide network of public and private sector stakeholders. Read more about CacaoNet.

CacaoNet coordinated the development of a Global Strategy for the Conservation and Use of Cacao Genetic Resources that was published at the end of 2012. The vision of the Strategy is to improve the livelihoods of the 5-6 million farmers in developing countries across tropical Africa, Asia and Latin America who produce around 90% of cocoa worldwide, and the 40-50 million people who depend upon cocoa for their livelihoods. The specific goal is to optimize the conservation and maximize the use of cacao genetic resources as the foundation of a sustainable cocoa economy. This it does by bringing together national and international players in public and private sectors.

The entire Global Strategy document can be downloaded here: Cacaonet Global Strategy - Full document (PDF 2.4Mb)
booklet of the Global Strategy can be downloaded here: CacaoNet Global Strategy - Booklet (PDF 2.5Mb)



CacaoNet news and events

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International Cocoa Germplasm Database (ICGD)

The International Cocoa Germplasm Database (ICGD) is an information service for the cocoa research community.

Based at the University of Reading (UK), the project aims to collate information on the origins, characteristics and availability of cocoa germplasm and to make this available to researchers and breeders.

Visit ICGD's
homepage or search the database for information on synonyms, origins and locations, and a wide range of morphological and agronomic characters of cocoa clones. Photographs and genetic fingerprints (SSR profiles) can also be accessed.

CocoaGen Database

CocoaGenDB is a cocoa database developed through a collaborative project involving CIRAD , the University of Reading and the USDA.

This database combines molecular genetic information contained in TropGENE (a molecular database developed by CIRAD) with phenotypic data contained in ICGD (see box above).

It allows performing complex queries combining genetic and phenotypic information and helps breeders or molecular geneticists to best exploit genetic information available on cocoa germplasm. Access the database at http://cocoagendb.cirad.fr/.