History of the Trojan Coaches Club

The Trojan Coaches Club began in the fall of 1935 and had a significant impact on the success of the USC Athletic program in those early years. Formed by a loyal group of SC grads who were teaching and coaching throughout Southern California, the club became a conduit which directed high school athletes towards USC. Also having significant value were the clinics that the club sponsored which provided athletes, coaches and officials a venue by which they could learn the latest techniques and innovations to improve their skills. And, of course the club was also a gathering point for its members to meet in that special spirit of fraternity that is unique to USC.

In these early days, the Athletic Dept. actually relied on the referrals from our club as the school evaluated potential talent that wanted to attend USC. Two significant changes happened that changed this role: 1) the NCAA, as the governing body of collegiate sports, adopted stricter guidelines and regulations that essentially excluded the Trojan Coaches from the recruiting process, and 2) the University dropped the Physical Education major which is from where a number of our Trojan Coaches were coming.

Since its inception in 1935 the Trojan Coaches Club has had to adjust and adapt with the changing times. We have diversified our rolls with new members who have not served in the coaching ranks; gone are the clinics and the recruiting but in its place are support events that help fund selected teams at USC. The face of the club has changed over the years, but the spirit that drives and binds us lives strong. The spirit of Trojan fraternity that the inaugural group envisioned lives on with this new generation of Trojans as we enter the 21st century.